ProfitMarc Review – Worth Price $17? (100% Honest Opinion)

ProfitMarc Review

Hey there, Welcome to my new blog. I’m Tarmin Rima an internet marketer and digital product influencer.

Have you heard the buzz about the game-changing email marketing solution called ProfitMarc? If you’re tired of the complexities of email marketing and the recent Gmail & Yahoo updates giving you a headache, this might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. I recently stumbled upon ProfitMarc, and let me tell you, it’s a total game-changer.

Curious to know more? Ready to revolutionize your email marketing game? Then complete this full blog to know about the software in detail.

Product Name: ProfitMarc

Product Author: Mike & Radu

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Official Website:  Get The Best Discount Deal

Niche: Software

Support: Effective Response

Bonuses: Yes huge Bonuses

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

My Rating: 9/10

#Step 1

Login To their Cloud Email Platform That 20,000+ People Already Use Every Day

(there is NOTHING for you to set up, configure or host – they give you your own SMTP sending server and dedicated IP complete with setup of DMARC, DKIM, SPF, custom domain names, and premium Spam Scores!)

#Step 2

Upload Your List Or Use The Built-In, Done-for-You Email Leads Inside

(no restrictions on imports up to 1 million+ leads, list cleaner is built in to remove invalid emails and maximize deliverability!)

# Step 3

Use their AI Email Writer & Enjoy Profit-Sucking, Money-Making Emails The RIGHT Way

(PLUS send SMS texts and social media messages too using our 3-in-1 platform!)

  • State-Of-The-Art cloud autoresponder with no restrictions
  • Use our preapproved email addresses that are already accepted by Gmail & Yahoo (pre-warmed too so they inbox everytime!)
  • Done-for-you setup of DMARC, DKIM, SPF, custom domain names, low spam score addresses
  • Built-in dedicated SMTP sending servers INCLUDED & PRECONFIGURED
  • Built-in dedicated IP pools for best delivery INCLUDED & PRECONFIGURED
  • Other autoresponders give you long tutorials to follow, but ProfitMarc actually does all the work for you (full setup is done-for-you and included, no tutorials needed!)
  • Don’t have your own list? No problem: we give you DFY fresh leads you can mail
  • Can’t write your own emails? No problem: our AI email writer writes them for you every day on autopilot!
  • Start mailing TODAY & make your first affiliate sales (with no restrictions)
  • 20,000+ customers trust us with their email marketing every day
  • 99% uptime and 99% deliverability: we’ve been live for 5+ years and never failed a single customer!
  • Store up to 1 million email leads on your lists
  • Instant import with no double opt-in or verification
  • Send SMS texts to anyone right from within the app
  • Your own “SMS” autoresponder with built-in servers
  • List cleaner built-in: only mail to verified leads! 
  • FIGHT INFLATION: cancel your monthly fee autoresponder, copywriter, list cleaner, SMTP server and paying for solo ads
  • No monthly fees, ever!
  • Cloud based, mobile responsive
  • 100% newbie friendly
  • No restrictions and more affordable than a traditional autoresponder
  • 99% uptime, guaranteed it won’t go away like cheap one time autoresponders (we have 20,000+ existing customers from the past 3 years using our autoresponder DAILY)
  • DFY email leads and DFY Ai written emails unlike anything ever before (we take care of everything for you!)

Plus, the creators have their own sending servers with DMARC, DKIM, SPF, SMTP and dedicated IPs already pre-configured and working seamlessly for you – and you’re all set – you get to email your list as often as you’d like, completely free forever. There’s literally no other app like ProfitMarc right now.

Not just that, ProfitMarc will allow you to upload a list of subscribers straight into the app, with no double opt-in or any verification required whatsoever! It doesn’t even matter what niche you’re in: you KNOW that the money is in the list and if you want to truly make a financial KILLING from true online passive profits and all without the ridiculously high monthly fees that most autoresponders charge you – then ProfitMarc is made FOR YOU!

You read that right – this is not a cheap software that asks you to connect your own SMTP or pay for a service like Mailgun to send emails – it’s a fully fledged and integrated cloud platform that comes with its own included and preconfigured dedicated SMTP servers AND dedicated IPs – they host & configure EVERYTHING for you so you can send your emails through their rock solid server infrastructure for free!

That means they also do the new February 2024 setups for you, including DMARC, DKIM & SPF! (and everything else too!)

So all you have to do is push send and have your emails delivered instantly to thousands of subscribers at literally ZERO cost to you!

ProfitMarc is the future in terms of email marketing technology, all without charging you any monthly fees. 20,000+ marketers and businesses trust us every day with their emails for the past 3 years so we’re here to stay as well and you’re guaranteed 99% deliverability and uptime.

ProfitMarc comes with everything pre-configured and we give you your own sending addresses that are already warmed up and loved by Gmail & Yahoo so there is NOTHING for you to configure, connect or pay for before mailing. Just upload your list and start sending emails.

With ProfitMarc, you’re not limited to emails only. SMS texts get a 90% open rate and you can now send them out to anyone’s phone number right from within ProfitMarc, using our own SMS servers 

Don’t have a list yet? No problem: we give you done-for-you email leads (and clean them for you as well) PLUS – you get to blast your link to ANYONE on Instagram with the click of a button so you can drive affiliate commissions and generate more unique leads. You can even use our ProfitMarc Social module to build your email list for you on complete autopilot

You don’t have to write your own emails with ProfitMarc: just insert your product and answer a few questions and our AI writer will create the perfect high converting email for you! It’s based on winning email swipes from our 7 figure copywriter!

With ProfitMarc, you’re not capped AT ALL on the number of emails you can send, the number of subscribers you can have (up to 1 million subscribers) or how many campaigns you can run. 

You and your audience can access ProfitMarc from anywhere, even your smartphone due to our groundbreaking design, which means you can literally double your sales as over 50% of online traffic is mobile

ProfitMarc has been built from the ground up to be marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the app with no double opt-in and no verification required. Start mailing from TODAY!

Schedule your emails to go off when you want to using our editor with no annoying delays and no downtime.

ProfitMarc is perfect for you even if you don’t currently have a list. Our premium drag & drop opt-in form creator transforms any visitor into a subscriber!  

  • Any Internet Marketer, regardless of the niche, who want to live the true “Internet Lifestyle” and make commissions every time they press the “SEND” button on their autoresponder
  • Marketers who want easy profits without having to configure anything themselves
  • Anyone who values their business, time and money and wants the best possible solution at the most affordable price ever seen on an autoresponder
  • People with sites, products or affiliate offers that they want to make more sales from and get more traffic to
  • People who want to get started with email marketing and are looking for the best solution that’s also affordable
  • People already successful with email marketing who want to cut down costs AND improve quality at the same time, meaning they make more money and get more traffic

Yes Of Course, ProfitMarc is definitely worth buying. It is a game-changer for anyone looking to supercharge their email marketing efforts without breaking the bank. It’s a fantastic tool. The best part is the one-time access – no pesky monthly fees!

With ProfitMarc, you get all the bells and whistles of a top-notch autoresponder, including dedicated SMTP servers, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and an AI email writer. The simplicity of the platform is what sets it apart – even if you’re a newbie, you’ll find it incredibly user-friendly.

The free commercial license for early adopters is a fantastic bonus, making it an even sweeter deal. Plus, the 30-day risk-free trial ensures you can give it a spin with zero worries. If you want to take your email marketing to the next level without burning a hole in your pocket, ProfitMarc is the best solution for you! So, Don’t miss out on this opportunity – click and grab your ProfitMarc now!

  • Full Email Marketing Platform With Zero Recurring Fees – $997 Value
  • DFY Setup Of DMARC, DKIM, SPF, Custom Domain Names, Premium SPAM Score – $997 Value
  • DFY Email Leads You Can Start Mailing Right Away – $997 Value
  • Your Own Dedicated AI Email Writer For High-Converting Emails – $997 Value
  • Built-In Dedicated SMTP Servers Lets You Send Free Emails For Life – $497 Value
  • Built-In Dedicated Pool of IPs Get You In Your Customers INBOX – $497 Value
  • Store up to 1 million email leads on your lists – $497 Value
  • Send SMS text messages right to your customers phones – $497 Value
  • Our own SMS servers deliver ANY link with no cost to you – $497 Value
  • Instant Import With No Double Opt-in or Verification – $397 Value
  • Schedule Your Emails When You Need – $397 Value
  • Enjoy No Downtime With Our Rock Solid Servers – $397 Value
  • Our Easy Email Editor Lets You Send Interactive Emails – $397 Value
  • Dozens of Built-In Templates To Grab Visitors Attention – $297 Value
  • Use Drag&Drop Opt-in Form Creator To Build Your List – $197 Value
  • Social Media List Building Module Gets You Autopilot Leads – $197 Value
  • 3-in-1 Platform Lets You Mail, Text and Message on Instagram – $197 Value
  • Incredibly Newbie Friendly, 100% Reliable – Priceless!

Is ProfitMarc Cloud-Based?

Yes, ProfitMarc is a cloud-based autoresponder solution easy to access from anywhere. Works with Mac, PC and mobile.

Does ProfitMarc Come With It’s Own SMTP Servers?

Yes, all ProfitMarc accounts get their own SMTP servers and dedicated IPs already included and pre-configured. It’s like Aweber or GetResponse – there is NOTHING for you to do other than upload your list and start mailing, texting or messaging people on Instagram.

What About The Feb. 2024 DMARC Update?

ProfitMarc comes with everything included: from DMARC to DKIM, SPF, custom domain names, premium Spam Score, it’s all done-for-you so all you have to do is mail!

Does ProfitMarc Cost A Monthly Fee?

When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to ProfitMarc without EVER having to pay a monthly fee 🙂

Are Others Using ProfitMarc Already?

Yes – we have over 20,000 people using our autoresponder infrastructure already. That means you can safely expect us to continue to offer the best possible service, with the best deliverability rates, no downtime, and premium support.

Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work?

NO – ProfitMarc is seamless and 100% newbie friendly.

Is Support & Training Included?

Absolutely. By purchasing today you can get instant access to the training portal and the 24/7 support desk.

In conclusion, ProfitMarc is a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify and supercharge their email marketing efforts. With all the essential features seamlessly integrated and the power of AI at your fingertips, it’s an unbeatable solution. Trust me, you won’t need a tech expert or a hefty budget to make the most out of ProfitMarc – it’s designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

So, if you’re ready to level up your email marketing game without breaking the bank, I highly recommend giving ProfitMarc a try. Thanks for reading my full review, and I genuinely believe this tool can make a significant difference for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your email marketing experience.

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